Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mr Right in Pursuit: Part 1

It's time.

I've made you wait long enough. I am now going to share my love story. The one that involves my husband. For the sake of this story, we'll call him Mr. Right.

When Mr. Right first came to the church I attended, I was dating a missionary. I was in love with this missionary and I thought Mr. Right was a goof. Nope, I am not kidding. I really thought that. He was goofy, and did not interest me AT.ALL.

Then came the time for my boyfriend, the missionary, to leave for the mission field. Without me. I still remember taking him to the airport, and the airport scene that entailed. I think you know what kind of airport scene I am referring to. The kind where everyone walks by, witnessing the scene, and feels so sorry for you.

Yeah, like that.

My boyfriend left me behind, taking my heart with him. And several months later, he gave it back, in two pieces.

But it is OK!!!

Enter Mr.Right, stage left.

It took a while for my broken heart to mend. The difference between this time and when my engagement was broken off, is that I had God to lean on. I went to Him in prayer, many, many times as I healed. In my prayers, I began asking God to help make me into the right woman. I wanted to be right for whoever God had for me. My focus turned to being content in Christ. I learned that I could not be happy or content, with any man, until I was first happy and content, in Christ alone.

He had to be enough.

As I grew in Christ, I also developed a wonderful friendship with Mr. Right. My best friend was married to his best friend, so naturally, we were together a lot. We all got together on weekends and played games or went to a movie. We went out to eat a lot and just had FUN together.

I still thought Mr. Right was a goof sometimes. He could be gross, like most young men. And I would NEVER EVER let him sit near me. We could be friends, but I didn't want him getting too close.

I remember when our friends baby was admitted into the hospital, and he came and picked me up, so we could go visit the hospital together. Another time, we had been at our friends house until late, and it had started snowing. He drove me home so that I didn't have to drive in the bad weather.

And yes, in my state, snow IS considered bad weather.

I also remember a get together at his house one night. He called me to ask a cooking question, and to ask me to bring him a spice he needed and didn't have. Ya know, friend stuff.

I lived with my sister at the time, and we had a huge backyard. I always got really sick with allergies and sinus problems anytime I would mow. So, Mr. Right started mowing for me, because he was my friend. I paid him back by cooking him a home cooked meal each time. He was a single guy, going to Seminary, who as I had experienced, was NOT a great cook. He was happy to mow for me, knowing what it would bring him.

I recall one time that my other sister was visiting. Mr. Right was mowing, and I was taking a shower. In the middle of my nice warm shower, the water went ice cold.

And I screamed. LOUD!

When I was finished, I found out that Mr.Right thought it would be funny to see if turning on the kitchen sink would make the shower go cold.


You see, with things like that, a romantic involvement with Mr. Right, NEVER entered my mind. Ever.

On Valentine's Day of one year, Mr Right, myself, and our married friends had tickets to a hockey game. They all came and picked me up. As I got into the vehicle, Mr. Right handed me a bag and said "Happy Valentine's Day". As I was reaching to open the bag, I thought, how sweet of him to think of me on Valentine's Day. One of the hardest days for a single girl.

And then, I looked in the bag. It was full of his empty candy wrappers. He had given me a bag of trash, and I would be lying if I said that I was not a little bit crushed by that. And to top it off, after the game was over, some drunk guy threw his beer over from his seat way up high. It landed all over me and my suede leather coat. I am here to tell you that suede leather does not recover from that.

What a Valentine's Day. It was terrible. :(

How was I to know that in a years time, on Valentine's Day, I would be on my honeymoon with Mr. Right?!

I did forgive Mr. Right for the Valentine's Day prank. He was still my friend, even if he was a goof sometimes. And later that year, in June to be exact, everything changed.

I got a call from Mr. Right, the day before our church group was set to leave for camp. That wasn't strange. We talked on the phone occasionally. But this time, he asked me out.

Like on a date.

And I said no.

He told me that he really felt like we were good for each other. I told him that I didn't feel the same. We were friends, and that is how I liked it. I was so mad at him for asking me out. We all know what that does to a friendship, when both people are not on board with the idea.

If you are wondering why I said no, it isn't because I wasn't attracted to him. I was. Maybe not so much in the beginning, but the more I got to know him, the more he grew on me. Although, I still only thought of him as a friend. You see, he was going to Seminary, and he was called to preach. I had had my heart broken by a missionary and I was NOT going down that road again.

Instead, I did what I was good at.

I ran. . .


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westover girl said...

What a sweet story, Sandy! I met John at church also. My best friend was dating John's friend. It's funny how things turn out. I enjoy love stories where you see God's stamp. It's amazing how he weaves the most intricate parts of our lives together then you stand back and wonder, "How did this happen?" Keep writing, Sandy! You are a good story teller.